What Is Compost Tea and the Benefits of its use?
Compost tea is a liquid extract of compost that contains plant growth compounds and beneficial microorganisms. Aerated Compost Tea incorporates aeration technology to create optimum levels of oxygen for growth and reproduction of beneficial aerobic microorganisms. 
Compost tea is a good overall plant health booster. Healthy plants are better able to resist pests and diseases. Compost tea is typically used as a microbial inoculant via soil application to help build soil microbial populations AND to provide nutrients by foliar or soil application.
Compost Tea improves plant nutrition and growth by increasing nutrient availability and uptake in the root system by improving the nutrient retention in the soil, therefore reducing fertilizer use, and loss of nutrients into ground and surface waters. Compost tea also helps reduce water loss, improve water-holding in the soil, and thus reduce water use in your garden.

Compost tea brewers

We carry 35 and 60 gallon cone-bottom inductor tanks with powder coated stands. This
style of inductor tank stimulates full aeration of tea and allows for easy dispensing of entire tea batch. 
With our premium air pump and a deep water air diffuser your compost tea with thoroughly aerate in the tank without killing or breaking apart beneficial bacterial and fungi.
The removable powder coated tea brewer stand
allows for easy detachment during cleaning while offering a stable, long lasting support. 

How to Use Compost Tea
Aerated compost tea should be used quickly, since it contains living organisms. Ideally, the tea will be used within 4-6 hours after brewing for 24 hours. Compost tea can be applied to the soil or directly to the plant as a foliar spray. When it is used as a foliar application, it is best to strive for thorough leaf coverage using a fine mist. Foliar applications are best done early morning or pre-dusk. When used as a soil drench, compost tea should be applied so that it moves into the root zone. This can be accomplished by following the tea application with additional water. Apply the tea either just before or just after watering. Apply once or twice a month throughout the growing season.
Use only chemical-free equipment for compost tea storage or applications, e.g. watering cans or sprayers, because residues of fungicides or herbicides are harmful to the compost tea organisms. Similarly, if you are diluting your compost tea before using it, it is best to use water that has been de-chlorinated to maintain the microbial life. Simply storing water in open containers for several hours before diluting the tea will work, as the chlorine will naturally dissipate.