Shade Cloth

We carry black shade cloth with 30% light rededuction. Available in  118' width cut to  any length.

Polycarbonate Panels

We offer Dynaglas Solar Soft 85 polycarbonate panels in custom lengths. The advantages of using these panels for end walls includes added stability for your greenhouse with a  86-91% light transmission.  The panels are custom ordered for each person based on their specific needs and sizes.

Black /White fabric for light deprivation

We carry a high quality woven 12ml black out fabric for use with all types of light deprivation systems. Our black out fabric is black on one side and white on the other. Available in 48' width cut to any length. 

We also offer 32x100 and 50x100 5ml black/white "panda" film. 

Greenhouse fabric

We carry Solarig 182, one of the highest quality greenhouse fabrics on the market today. Made from high quality Coated-Woven Polyethylene Cloth, that is 15 times stronger than traditional Polyethylene Films. Our high tech woven fabric is puncture and tear resistant. 

Unique blending of additives assures block-out of harmful UV light. The absence of UV light greatly reduces the spread of fungal diseases such as botrytis and deters insects such as aphids from entering the greenhouse. Our greenhouse fabric has a 6 year UV warranty. Contains Anti-Drip to help prevent droplets from falling onto the plants Contains IR additives to keep the temperature higher during cold nights.
Excellent light diffusion - 88%,  improves light transmission and eliminates shadows encouraging even canopy growth. 
Extra strength (3500lb/yd.) makes it hail and tear resistant.
Can be sewn, grommeted or welded and is designed for all types of cultivation.
Available in 42’ and 48’ width cut to any length.