***All greenhouse locations and environments are unique and will need to be treated as such. We only offer suggestions based on our personal experience.

Size & Internal Environment:

When planning for a greenhouse remember to take into consideration space in concern with mobility. Ask yourself these questions: Will I be moving plants around? will their be tables,  benches or a sink inside ? will you be storing tools, supplies and amendments inside? how many plants might you have? how large could they get?

Knowing the temperature and humidity in various  locations inside your greenhouse helps with placement of fans and heaters to regulate the environment and prevent condensation. 

Placing your plants out evenly throughout your greenhouse will also allow air circulation for healthier plants. 

Location & Light:

Where you place your greenhouse is just as important as choosing what to plant in your garden.

Your greenhouse needs to be placed where it will receive the maximum amount of sunlight during the Winter. Aligning your greenhouse with the long side facing south will enable you to utilize the most valuable rays of the Winter sun for the maximum number of hours every day. During the Fall and Spring this is extremely important as the sun is lowest in the southern sky. 

General greenhouse information:

A greenhouse is an environment  that can be regulated to cater to specific needs to ensure your plants will thrive year round.  

A greenhouse is the perfect place to start seeds, transition younger plants and grow plants to their full potential anytime of the year. A greenhouse allows you to raise plants during the summer for use in the winter, cultivate vegetables for winter and keep 'parent' plants alive for seasons to come.