Light Deprivation  Options

We sell high quality black out fabric for light deprivation in 48' width cut to any length.  

Our fabricator has created an adjustable steel pivot arm that can be used to manually cover a greenhouse UP TO 20' wide and 10' high in the center.

For larger greenhouses, our fabricator can make an non-adjustable aluminum pivot arm to the specific size and height of your greenhouse.

We now also carry everything (including instructions) you need to make an automatic light deprivation system.

What is Light  Deprivation?

Long periods of uninterrupted darkness are nature’s trigger to induce flowering.  Light deprivation is the process of forcing plants to flower with sunlight in a time of year that is not normally the flowering period of the sun’s natural lighting cycle. To induce flowering in plants they need to be placed under 12 hours of darkness each day. Similar to controlling the light cycle with a grow light by turning it on and off with a timer, farmers can control the budding cycle by blocking the sunlight, making the plants think it’s time to flower.