‚ÄčSupporting your plants -

We stock Bamboo and Trellis Netting to ensure the support of your plants. 
Trellis netting can be used as a vertical or horizontal support for crops and flowers as they grow.
It is lightweight and easy to handle. Used  vertically to support your plants or horizontally in multiple layers so your plants can grow through the netting and be supported as it grows.  It provides perfect stem support for fragile flowers and stems and adds a very strong support structure ideal for growing healthy plants.
The size of the netting allows greater exposure to air and sun and reduces ground contact which can result in rotten crops.  We carry Gorilla Garden Trellis netting in  6.5' x 500' and  6.5' x 3280', 5' x 3280', 4'x 100', 4' x 500' and 4' x 3280' .  Gorilla Garden Trellis Net is made of clear 6" square lightweight polypropylene mesh that is strong, easy to install and will not rot or mold. It also comes with a reinforced edge on the outside of both sides, so you can easily slide through bamboo stakes or plant ties.

Bamboo stakes are strong, lightweight, and inconspicuous. Best of all, they are made of all natural material, a perfect complement to your garden. Great for supporting new growth and reducing spoilage.                      Bamboo is available in 3', 4', 6', 8', and 10' lengths with discounts given on bulk purchases.