Aluminum Shutters

We stock single and double panel aluminum shutters in a variety of sizes, from 18" to 40". We offer  heat actuated vent openers as well as motorized shutter kits.  

​AC Fans

We  carry 20", 24", 30" and 36" AC exhaust fans for your greenhouse. We also stock light traps (aka breathable walls) that work with the fans to keep your greenhouse temperatures regulated while using an auto dep system. 


Proper ventilation is key to the success of a greenhouse. Fresh air helps control the temperature and humidity, reduces the incidence of diseases and provides an ideal environment for optimal growth.

There are two options for ventilating a greenhouse, passive or powered.

Passive ventilation utilizes ridge vents and roll up sides to allow hot air to escape the greenhouse and fresh air to enter.

Powered ventilation uses intake and exhaust fans, powered by 110, DC or solar. The cubic feet of your greenhouse will be the determining factor as to how many fans are needed to get the necessary volume of air moving. The quicker the movement of air, the easier it is to control the temperature and humidity.

Solar Fans

We are authorized Sugar Mountain Solar and Snap-Fan dealers. The solar fans are a perfect addition to any off grid greenhouse and  are specifically designed to operate directly from a solar panel or battery.  

We stock 20" Sugar Mountain Solar Fan kits - complete with cabling. We also carry 100 watt solar panels that are perfect for 1 solar fan. We also have a 3 fan kit with a 280 watt solar panel, wiring and junction box.

We carry 24" Snap Fans in stock.

Available by special order are 12", 16",  20" and 28" Snap Fans.